トップへ  Low birthrate and longevity  戻る


In the Japanese society, the declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people are regarded as being a problem.
This status was not the natural course and as the result of the idea and the action of the Japanese individual, it became the declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people.

It thinks that the people with age want to forever keep the status, the honor and the money which had in the hand.
It is the people with this age that are moving politics (the congressman and so on) in Japan.
As for the pension system, too, there is a story, "it secures 50% of the current times".
When going to the traveling abroad, it comes across a lot of people with age.
Do the people with age see the world by the traveling abroad and will they be useful?
It sees the world by the traveling abroad to the children and it thinks that it wishes it to make use of for the life in the future.

The money is one around the world.
In Japan in now, the people with age have a lot of money and have the right which uses money.
The people with age seem not to use money because of the future of the human race and seeming to be using money for his desire
As a result, the money which is turned by the child decreases.
Therefore, it becomes that cannot help decreasing the number of people of the child.

Therefore, it thinks that the country should be burdened with all of the food, clothing and shelter and the schooling of the child as the solution for birth rate declination.
The having parents decide being permitted to be permitted to do child care and to leave it with the facilities in the country.

In other words, later, the system to secure completely in the country is necessary even if having a child and it is possible to reel him.
It allots this fee the present pension.
In the first place, it thinks that that the play slackens without adult's doing work, too, is extraordinary.
While fine, it should work.
When not fine, it should go, barely living.
It is enough to live barely and to go at the amount of money with national pension degree.
The medical care of the aged people, too, is a problem.
It thinks that multiplying much money by the prolonging life treatment is abnormal.

Turning the pension and the medical expense of the aged people to the children uses money because of the future of the human race.
Even if it says "that it turns money to the children", it isn't ordinary to give each child a lot of ones in case of educating.
A lot of ones make the ability to create a thing newly decline.

Recently, the person who breeds a pet seems to be increasing.
Because there is too much anxiety to raise a child when seeing the social situation of the present aged people good treatment, will the person who breeds a pet as the easy brunt not increasing?

Before (when not being between, too, after the war), there are many poor homes but it seems that there are many homes which have many children.
Then, because the people are "it believed the future even if it was hard now it believed that Japan grows", they think that it felt instinctively when wanting to leave a lot of children.

Actually, Japan could achieve high growth.
However, it became a growing period → puberty → decadence and the people in now could not believe the future.
Will there are not inventing the result not to leave a child, that the thought is instinctive?