トップへ   Show working appearance than playing with child  戻る


The parents who are enthusiastic in the child care seem to be increasing.
It thinks that the work in the company is work as merely cogwheel and that there quite is leeway in the time.
Then, above all, the child has the dream which the adult abandoned.
Will you not expect the realization of the dream which you abandoned of the child vaguely?
It thinks that the interest (the expectations) is suitable for the result, the child and that it becomes enthusiastic in the child care.

It thinks that it wants to educate its child for the honorable human being to the good human being and it seems that it is being variously troubled.
However, it is "the child is the mirror of the parents".
If the actual action of the parents doesn't accompany even if the parents explain a right thing by the much word, the child can not understand it truly.
In the right thing, it drinks in front of the parents about the explanation and the child if forcing and only in the word, the parents will grow into the human being who entertains a good boy to the child.

How in the cases such as "the father" drinks "alcohol late in the evening every day, goes home and plays with the child on the weekend", will the child think of the father?
Saying "equal to the child on the weekend of being" drinking "alcohol until the late evening in the company. the work of the father", will the child not understand? Under present condition, it isn't possible to find the adult society a dream and hope and that the neatness and the job-hopping part-time worker increase seems to be the course where it is natural to do.

The power which the parents do to the child is showing the place to play with the child but for the parents to work by the sweat of ONE'S brow to the child.
However, this is an extremely difficult thing in the modern society where there are many persons (the office worker) who work for the company.

As for the news of the TV and so on, too, like every day, the adhesion, the bid rigging, the fraud, the menace, the larceny, the violence, the murder, the equal の news are reported and are the environment which isn't desirable to the minors.
There are a lot of disgraceful affairs of the listed company and the politician, the official, the police station, the doctor and so on, too.

Saying that it wishes a child to grow into the honorable human being while doing the unjust thing as the adult doesn't want to be known by the child in the workplace has impossibility.
If the adult is doing a bad thing in the shadow, the child, too, is the course where it is natural to do, getting to do a bad thing in the shadow.

If going along, it thinks that it should raise a child in the isolated world with the parents who expose rather and a thing, disgraceful behavior.
The school of the whole dormitory system and so on may be good.
Of course, being the person as the teacher at the school becomes the model of the child is a precondition.

It thinks that it heard voice such as "it is important to be confronted with the child" and "the parents who turn height to the child are a problem", but that it was not before in time which is doing the partner of the child, too, and that there are many by the sweat of ONE'S brow working parents.